Kashana features


  • Customisable results framework structure - use your own terminology to name the goals, outcomes, outputs etc in the framework
  • Create goals, outcomes, outputs, activities for multiple frameworks
  • Hierarchical view overcomes limitation of data entry through spreadsheets
  • Enter indicators with baseline, milestones and targets and sub-indicators (for example per region)
  • Add assumptions, impact weighting, risk rating
  • Customise time frame for milestones (number of years, by quarter etc)
  • Schedule multiple activities with Technical Assistance and Other inputs (flights, accommodation etc) budget lines
  • Export annual or quarterly plan with timings and activities to Excel, with Gantt chart
  • UK DFID colour scheme


  • Monitor results with supporting evidence
  • Link to supporting evidence on external systems (SharePoint, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc)
  • Track project performance by adding traffic light (RAG) ratings to results
  • Record status updates and history for activities


  • Export quarterly progress report to Excel

Access control

  • Customisable access for all your stakeholders on a per-feature basis
  • Create and assign groups to your users (administrator, editor, read-only etc)
  • Search users
  • Export users to Excel / CSV
  • Invite new users by email


  • Administration interface for super-users gives full control of the database behind Kashana


  • Designed for intermittent, low bandwidth internet connections

Kashana is free software. The code is published under the GNU Affero General Public License and is available to be downloaded and modified from GitHub.